why choose us?

Aryansh Exports deals in the following range of items:

  • Bar Accessories
  • Reusable Food Containers
  • Eco Friendly products
  • Unbreakable products

Each range of items has its own unique features which sets them apart in the market.

  • We use premium grade material to develop our bar wares. We have the ability to supply bar accessories in bulk in different designs, shapes and dimensions.
  • We are concerned with the impact we are making on the environment.Our intent is to keep the carbon-footprint low. And therefore, we also supply reusable food containers and eco-friendly products which are bio-based. They are made from naturally available materials or crop waste such as rice husk and coffee husk.
  • Again, our aim in introducing the unbreakable products range is simply to make the products user friendly. Throw it, toss it or fling it, the products are unbreakable. The cups and glasses are also available in numerous colours. You name the colour and we supply it.